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Melissa Rust 
Dec 21, 2011

Just wanted to stop by and to let you know that we are thinking of you and Mikey.  Also wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY ^^OLIVIA^^!!!!!!

Love and Hugs Always,

Lissa, Becca, and Meggie Moo!

Helen Bloodgood 
Dec 12, 2011


Trish, the moment I turned the page in the Palm Beach Post yesterday my eyes were immediately drawn to the most precious face of Olivia.  I was so taken back by this little angel and what I saw in her beautiful face and eyes, that I went immediately to your website.  I must say that I am proud to know that such a courageous and incredible woman of such fortitude lives in my area. You are an inspiration to us all and I want you to know that I will keep you and Mikey in my prayers and heart everyday.  God's blessings and love be always yours. 

Dec 11, 2011

Just dropping by to say I am thinking of you and your incredible children - which is pretty much every day.  I am so amazed by the three of you and want to thank you for always putting a smile on my face.  xxxooo

Dara Coffman 
Dec 8, 2011

When I saw your Angel necklace, my mother and I fell in love with it and combined, we purchased several  so that we can both wear it and share as gifts.  This Angel not only represents Cookie and contributing to pay it forward but it's is also a symbol of our nurse's (Angels) being here for us with my dad having Stage 4 brain cancer.  When we received the Angel necklaces we both felt the picture does not do it justice by any means.  They are beautiful!  I've printed your story to go with these gifts so others will be enlightened about your Foundation and let them know how special they, as nurses really are.  I haven't taken my Angel off yet!  You are a true inspiration, blessed and loved!
Love Always,

Amy Ross 
Nov 14, 2011

Trish - I am just finding the time right now to go through your website.  Partly because I find it too emotionally difficult and also because I've been dealing with so much of my own grief and pain.  It just occured to me that Olivia's passing was just months after Gabrielle's birth.  You were one of the first I-cell families who reached out to us and I had no idea that when you did, you were dealing with the passing of your beautiful angel.  You are an amazing woman Trish with two beautiful children.  You have the biggest heart and always make time for everyone. I love your foundation and I would love to contribute in the future.  Thank you for being you.  
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