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Nancy Fragale 
Oct 11, 2011



Trish Armand you are an amazing woman, your determination not only encourages but gives.  Your spirit along with Mikey's drives you to help others.  You and Mikey are an inspiration to us in our neighborhood and an inspiration to everyone who meets you.  We are so blessed to know you both.

Joyce amick 
Sept 17, 2011

Hello Trish,
Just wanted to let you know I visited Olivias page today. You are often in my thoughts as you miss Olivia and as you care for Mikey.  Thank you for all the sweet pictures you post, and thank you for Olivia's cookie jar. You encourage the Amick family in many ways, and especially now as we await the arrival of baby boy Amick who also has I-cell. Thank you for all the effort you put forth to help these precious children!  This Gramma appreciates you!


gail roncone 
May 12, 2011


hi there. all set for the reunion, cant wait to see everyone -

May 1, 2011


Wishing you lotsa Cookies for Bowling and Comedy for Cookies!!  Wish I could be there!!  Since I can't, just tossed a few cookies in for luck!!

March 2, 2011


God bless you and your family. I have two girls with C.P. and I never thought I would see another family where two children of the same family are affected by the same thing. Keep strong and know with God All things are possible. God Bless

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