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Nov 20, 2010


You are a remarkable woman whose courage I see and feel. I wish you all the best with Mikey. Don't really know how we connected but there are no accidents in life. God bless you and Mikey!

Sandra Weimar 
Aug 28, 2010

thank you Cookie for being one of my sister's little Angels in heaven watching over her and providing her your strength to fight and heal each day...


Brentt Giebner 
July 29, 2010

I work for PRINT-IT Plus, I hope to make you a web site that you can be proud of.

God, bless you and your family.


July 6, 2010


i cant even start with how much i miss her i wish she was still her.....

sam shevlin 
April 25, 2010

Trish...I was watching the news last night & heard a familiar voice. I couldn't & still can't believe its you. You were one of the most happy & excited moms to be waiting for your first child to be born. Now hearing what you have gone through & continue to go through I am so impressed by your outlook & courage and a love that has no end. Your husband must be wonderful as well as you seem to be doing this together.
Please continue to stay strong and if you have any desire to contact me please do. I always thought you & I had a special connection and saw a lot of things the same way. You and your family are in my prayers. Sam (from the ER)
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